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MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

New crossroads on and beyond musical paths

Cutting edges of a music career

Malwina Sosnowski, a violinist from Basel, has been playing and performing since age five (1990), with no significant breaks or loose of focus in her music career ladder. At the end of 2016, though, and after many years of freelancing and organizing, competing, teaching, solo appearances and performances at Festivals, she strongly felt the urge to escape her commodities. Continue reading New crossroads on and beyond musical paths