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MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

The Happy ending of TV Entertainment Era

Entertainment shows killed by the Internet ?

There are no more entertainment shows as we use to know them… Did this TV entertainment era die? And is it a misfortune, or just another sign of evolution? Let’s start considering how celebrations for New Year’s Eve have decreased, and how celebrations for birthdays, Saturday nights, Carnivals and all traditional feasts have definitely decreased as well, even children are less interested in celebrations anymore.

First of the reasons, as we all know, is that when we were children we used to wait for some important days to achieve something, as a gift, a toy, a book, so conceptually the big feasts were in general Continue reading The Happy ending of TV Entertainment Era

Klaus Heymann – The secret to successfully run music distribution

Klaus Heymann, the founder of Naxos Music, answered to our questions, about the analogue and digital eras of music recording and distribution

Music distribution, and therefore music consumption, was one of the fields which had to deal with changes; technology changed, consumption changed as well, and the new ages influenced the choices of both producers and musicians. Klaus Heymann went through all these changes keeping a successful trend no matter what technology or kind of market he had to face.  Mr Heymann accepted to answer some questions about past, present and future of music distribution, and here’s what he told us: Continue reading Klaus Heymann – The secret to successfully run music distribution

Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

Is there a Life without Facebook?

This week Mark Zuckerberg defends himself in front of the American Congress, against accusations of political manipulation, the data leak to Cambridge Analytica and other (privacy) concerns. What is going on exactly? Can we still consider Facebook as a blessing for our (social) life or is it becoming a curse? What are the consequences for you, as an artist? We set out the facts.  Continue reading Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

iClassical Academy – high level of music instruction

Online Master Classes at a high level by iClassical Academy.

An online music academy that is poised to make an impact !

By Kenny Sahr

iClassical academy offers dozens of master classes recorded by some of the world’s most eminent classical musicians using state-of-the-art technologies. By connecting HD master class recordings to a mobile responsive website leveraging the newest in messaging and content sharing, iClassical Academy is attracting students from all over the world. Continue reading iClassical Academy – high level of music instruction