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MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

Pablo Casals’ Cello played by Amit Peled

“A great piece of art” Peled serenades with Historic Instrument of Pablo Casals (video)

By Irma de Jong

How the musician and the Pablo Casals cello came together

At a very young age, Amit fell in love with a girl that played the cello. He decided to impress her and started learning this instrument as well. His parents gave him a cassette tape of a famous cellist and with those beautiful sounds, he fell asleep every night, Continue reading Pablo Casals’ Cello played by Amit Peled