Home Music Producing

Introduction to the world of Home Music Producing and Recording

By Gianriccardo Pera

Pro Audio recording with Tablets and Phones

Here we have an overall view about how to get introduced on what is possible to do for musicians who approach for the first time the world of recording. In this article and video from Epic Tutorials for Mobile Content Creators, you will get an overview of what you can do for pro audio recording. By using a tablet or smartphone and one of the several different types of low budget microphones, it shows you step by step and describe the functionality of each of them. You’ll also find an explanation about how to use “RODE rec”, one of the easiest and functional apps on the market.

We can use condenser microphones (the most common ones), or cardioid microphones or even micro clips for interviews and news reportages. And it’s currently out of the question that Apple and its IOS operating system offer more professional features than its closest concurrent, the Android os. Therefore also the number of applications is higher for those then for Android.  It also seems that the Apple store Apps are more controlled and tested than the others.

In the video below, you can see how to use the apps, including the general setting features, and you listen to the difference in sound between the different microphones.

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