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iClassical Academy – Online Master Classes in HD quality

iclassical academy

Dozens of master classes recorded by some of the world’s most eminent classical musicians using state-of-the-art technologies and connects young musicians with some of the world’s most accomplished teachers. More than 200 HD videos are available with piano, violin, cello and trumpet repertoire and visible on iClassical Academy choosing free or paid membership.

Courses and Tutorials for piano, classical and acoustic guitar

Music videos for amateurs and semi-professionals, are available on Cicerone Music & Art. Tutorials for guitar and piano in different styles and techniques with reasonable pricing.  Meant for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Each course includes various video tutorials, all graphics help, tablatures and scores.

Choose from Neapolitan songs for the piano to pop/rock songs for classical guitar. You can learn how to write your own song, or choose to improve your self-management skills as a musician.

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