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What do you need to boost your music career?

What do you need to boost your music career?

By Irma de Jong

What does it take to have a successful music career? What do you expect and hope to achieve? For this, an important element is to understand what is your motivation and what drives you. To say it accessible; what is your WHY? For many starting young musicians, it’s something they don’t think of. But also more mature musicians very often act on “automatic pilot”. Let’s examine better what you need for a successful music career. Continue reading What do you need to boost your music career?

Social mania; everything for a like

Social mania; everything for a like

by Irma de Jong

How far do we allow social media to determine our lives, or, even taking over? In this article, we dive into the world of the likes, the ones that make a living out of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and we research which classical music artists walk forefront.  Continue reading Social mania; everything for a like

Understanding Generation Management in the Performing Arts

Exploring effects of Generation Management in Music and Art

By Irma de Jong

Today we have more different generations working in companies, conservatories,  universities and orchestras, than before. In fact, in the year 2020, we’ll have 5 different generations all together on the work floor. The differences are very much determined by the latest 20 years of developments in technology and digitalisation. Especially the internet has changed our society drastically. So how could generation management serve us? Continue reading Understanding Generation Management in the Performing Arts


MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

How algorithms determine your social media life

The power and weakness of algorithms and how it determines your social media life

by Irma de Jong

Yes, we are all active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and maybe Twitter. We have learned by now that social media tools are useful for our daily networking life. In our conversations, we talk about the social media the same way as we used to talk about an interesting person we saw on the late night show the evening before. Let’s dive a little more now into the algorithms. Continue reading How algorithms determine your social media life

Why “The Network always wins”

Keep track on building and maintaining relationships within your Network

By Irma de Jong

In your daily interactivity with people, whether it’s in a personal relationship, like when you chat with a stranger in line at the airport, or when you go out for dinner with friends, or you talk on the phone to your family or sharing something on social media, you constantly communicate within your network and it is all about building and maintaining relationships. Continue reading Why “The Network always wins”

Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

Is there a Life without Facebook?

This week Mark Zuckerberg defends himself in front of the American Congress, against accusations of political manipulation, the data leak to Cambridge Analytica and other (privacy) concerns. What is going on exactly? Can we still consider Facebook as a blessing for our (social) life or is it becoming a curse? What are the consequences for you, as an artist? We set out the facts.  Continue reading Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

I don’t need your biography, I want your story!

What is a good biography and how to write it?

By Irma de Jong

A good biography is nothing more than making an appealing story out of your curriculum vitae. I know for many people this stresses them out. It’s something they don’t like to do, wait until the very last second and sometimes the biography comes out messy or too long, because they don’t really know what to write, or they think not to have the talent to write. Continue reading I don’t need your biography, I want your story!

Fiddler on a luxury ship – Lincoln Center Stage

Playing Chamber Music on the Holland America Line @Lincoln Center Stage

The musical adventure of Floor Braam on a cruise ship from Florida to Alaska

In spring 2016, violinist Floor Braam was scrolling through the MusicalChairs website when an interesting advertisement caught her eye: The Lincoln Center Stage, combined out of two leading companies, the Holland America Line and the Lincoln Center, brought together in an exclusive partnership, was looking for musicians. Continue reading Fiddler on a luxury ship – Lincoln Center Stage

Successful Music Career? We listed 7 Skills you need to have!

What are the  7 Skills you need to have in order to build a Successful Music Career?

By Irma de Jong

Here we list the 7 main skills you need to possess in order to be successful in your music career, or better, in life! Most of these skills you will not have heard of while you were studying unless you have had the occasion to be inspired by your teacher. Ready to find out? Continue reading Successful Music Career? We listed 7 Skills you need to have!