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History of Fender Electric Guitar: John Mayer and the “Black 1”

John Mayer shows it all in person (video)

Fender Guitar Stratocaster Black 1 review

By Gianriccardo Pera

Everyone who likes Fender Vintage Guitars and blues guitarists know about the quite famous “Black 1”, the Stratocaster which John Mayer usually plays both for studio recording and live performances. Amongst the scenario of the most particular Fender Guitar icons, this is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated, despite its so rather strange details.

John Mayer's Black 1
John Mayer’s Black 1

Some say it’s ugly, some others think that in the end, the matter Continue reading History of Fender Electric Guitar: John Mayer and the “Black 1”

Outclassing Acoustic Nirvana Arrangement

Fantastic playing of acoustic Nirvana arrangement “Smells like a teen spirit” (video)

Back from Cremona Mondo Musica 2017, we found a great guitarist playing a great piece. His name is Gavino Loche, and he was playing an unbelievable version of Nirvana’s hit single “Smells like a teen spirit”.

He is a virtuoso of the guitar, capable of Continue reading Outclassing Acoustic Nirvana Arrangement

Ten-string classical guitar – a magic sound

New unexplored expression of sound  ten-string classical guitar (audio)

(Historia do Mar)

Marco Campos is a Brazilian musician and composer and plays a ten-string classical guitar. Apart from his concerts, he composes music for film theatre and ballet. His music, essentially structured on Brazilian rhythms, each year is reaching a greater international recognition. He has a very particular technique and sound, which contains a bit of samba, a bit of classical and a bit of Continue reading Ten-string classical guitar – a magic sound


Juan Manuel Ruiz tells about his new band and how to play Dire Straits acoustic tribute with a classical guitar. (video)

When the Spanish guitarist Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo (one of the teachers for Blackbear Music International) formed The Ladywriters, he joined together two of his musical passions: the acoustic sound and the music of Dire Straits. Being the band a rare case in which the intensity inherent to Continue reading DIRE STRAITS acoustic tribute – THE LADYWRITERS

History of electric guitar – unique Fender Guitar Collection

One of the most complete and unique Fender Guitar collections in the world.

Recognised by the Fender Factory

By Gianriccardo Pera

Everyone who’s passionate about electric guitars knows what Fender is, and what it represents for music. Fender represents the concept of the guitar itself and has a distinct sound which for hundreds of players, thousands of fans and many millions of simple citizens contained a message which was accompanying the rhythm of their whole lives, resounding in their minds in the happiest moment as well as in their odds. Now I’m proud to present a really unique Fender Vintage Guitar Instruments Collection and Equipment, It includes more than 120 instruments, amplifiers and gadgets and is recognised by the Fender Factory itself.

Continue reading History of electric guitar – unique Fender Guitar Collection

Cicerone Take Away Lesson: BRASSENS’ folk song – “Le Roi Boiteux”

Matthias Kadar about the French Brassens’ folk song – satiric and funny (video)

Matthias Kadar is a Hungarian/German composer. He’s the author of Cicerone Music & Art’s interactive course for Composition. As a young musician, he found in the French folk song his idle way to approach social urban themes, and George Brassens was especially inspiring this way to communicate through music directly to people. In this article, Matthias talks about the music but also about his past as a street performer. So we asked him to make a video masterclass about “Le Roi Boiteux”,  Continue reading Cicerone Take Away Lesson: BRASSENS’ folk song – “Le Roi Boiteux”

Home Recording Guitar

How to Home Record the Guitar – basic technique (Acoustic and Classical)

By Gianriccardo Pera

To record a guitar in your home can be definitely easy and bring you lots of satisfaction. It gives you the chance to show to your potential clients & colleagues the actual level of your work as a musician. Continue reading Home Recording Guitar