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Producer, director, documentary maker and script writer. Worked as a director for Mediaset TV Italy for many years. He produced shows for RAI TV and theatres. He was the Music Video Director of an online music videos platform of Master Classes for advanced students in classical music. Gianriccardo is specialist for web communication, video entertainment and music video recordings. He is an amateur player of electric & classical guitar.

Cogito Ergo Music – a Question of Method in Classical Music

A reflection about classical music by Mattia Rondelli

Mattia Rondelli is a young  Italian conductor,  who had already many occasions to work on opera concerts, and he is passionate for the Italian composer Giuseppe Sarti. Being asked about the perspective of which classical music is something that no one would eliminate from his life (even for those who never listen to it), this is what he answered: Continue reading Cogito Ergo Music – a Question of Method in Classical Music

Classical guitar recording – secrets from professionals

Classical guitar recording like a pro

To learn something it’s always very useful to see professionals at work.

We normally write about how to record your own music at home but consider that the most efficient methods are often brought from professional experience, and this is one of the cases.

Before going to the video, we want to mention some precious indications that come from

Continue reading Classical guitar recording – secrets from professionals


MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

History of Fender Electric Guitar: John Mayer and the “Black 1”

John Mayer shows it all in person (video)

Fender Guitar Stratocaster Black 1 review

By Gianriccardo Pera

Everyone who likes Fender Vintage Guitars and blues guitarists know about the quite famous “Black 1”, the Stratocaster which John Mayer usually plays both for studio recording and live performances. Amongst the scenario of the most particular Fender Guitar icons, this is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated, despite its so rather strange details.

John Mayer's Black 1
John Mayer’s Black 1

Some say it’s ugly, some others think that in the end, the matter Continue reading History of Fender Electric Guitar: John Mayer and the “Black 1”

Outclassing Acoustic Nirvana Arrangement

Fantastic playing of acoustic Nirvana arrangement “Smells like a teen spirit” (video)

Back from Cremona Mondo Musica 2017, we found a great guitarist playing a great piece. His name is Gavino Loche, and he was playing an unbelievable version of Nirvana’s hit single “Smells like a teen spirit”.

He is a virtuoso of the guitar, capable of Continue reading Outclassing Acoustic Nirvana Arrangement

CELLO CONCERT COMPOSITION – through the eyes of a child

Diary of a composer by Matthias Kadar – video 3 – the opinion of “very” young students about the Cello Concert composition

Welcome to the new episode of Matthias’ diary about his composition making. Matthias Kadar is the author for Cicerone of a beautiful composition interactive course. He’s now writing a Cello Concerto and once again he offers to our readers a new perspective: this time he interviewed two of his youngest students, who were asked about their envision of how such a complex composition should sound. What could you expect? Uncertainty? Too easy thoughts? Childish ignorance or spontaneity? Continue reading CELLO CONCERT COMPOSITION – through the eyes of a child

The Happy ending of TV Entertainment Era

Entertainment shows killed by the Internet ?

There are no more entertainment shows as we use to know them… Did this TV entertainment era die? And is it a misfortune, or just another sign of evolution? Let’s start considering how celebrations for New Year’s Eve have decreased, and how celebrations for birthdays, Saturday nights, Carnivals and all traditional feasts have definitely decreased as well, even children are less interested in celebrations anymore.

First of the reasons, as we all know, is that when we were children we used to wait for some important days to achieve something, as a gift, a toy, a book, so conceptually the big feasts were in general Continue reading The Happy ending of TV Entertainment Era

Ten-string classical guitar – a magic sound

New unexplored expression of sound  ten-string classical guitar (audio)

(Historia do Mar)

Marco Campos is a Brazilian musician and composer and plays a ten-string classical guitar. Apart from his concerts, he composes music for film theatre and ballet. His music, essentially structured on Brazilian rhythms, each year is reaching a greater international recognition. He has a very particular technique and sound, which contains a bit of samba, a bit of classical and a bit of Continue reading Ten-string classical guitar – a magic sound

The Most Baroque Stradivari Violin in the world

Setup and playing of a real baroque violin in modern age – (video)

Review of the Baroque Stradivari violin played by Miriam Fried

Last year I was the director in a recording session for iClassical Academy in Italy, to record violin lessons of the Bach solo pieces to be published on the web. The teacher was Professor Miriam Fried, she is a very renown violinist and professor in the States. She came with the instrument she used to play already for thirty years and maybe more, a  genuine baroque Stradivari violin built by the legendary Italian luthier in 1686.

In these pictures, Continue reading The Most Baroque Stradivari Violin in the world


Juan Manuel Ruiz tells about his new band and how to play Dire Straits acoustic tribute with a classical guitar. (video)

When the Spanish guitarist Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo (one of the teachers for Blackbear Music International) formed The Ladywriters, he joined together two of his musical passions: the acoustic sound and the music of Dire Straits. Being the band a rare case in which the intensity inherent to Continue reading DIRE STRAITS acoustic tribute – THE LADYWRITERS