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Music Home Recording and Producing

Some basic facts about music production

  •  The level of technology in low budget equipment has increased in the proportion of 400% in the latest years
  • High number of free or very low cost applications were published both on Mac and on Windows platforms
  • The main methods for recording and editing music have become very intuitive and easy to understand and use
  • Lots of old and expensive devices and equipment have been literally outclassed by new electronic versions of recorders, microphones, amplifiers, effects etc.

Understanding these points, a new research started, selecting existing videos and articles, to produce a  self updating tutorial to help musicians (especially those who play acoustic instruments, like classical and acoustic guitars, pianos, wind instruments etc.) to record and edit the best part of their music. To update and improve recording at anytime, comfortably working at home or the studio. This kind of new mentality, which sooner or later every player will achieve, will bring musicians to save big amounts of money are empowerment.  Most importantly, they will really master the production of their music and start to home record and produce.

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