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iClassical Academy – Online Master Classes in HD quality

iclassical academy

Dozens of master classes recorded by some of the world’s most eminent classical musicians using state-of-the-art technologies and connects young musicians with some of the world’s most accomplished teachers. More than 140 HD videos are available with piano, violin, cello and trumpet repertoire and visible on iClassical Academy with a free access.

Collabra Music – The New Frontier of E-learning & Interactive Music Teaching

Collabra Music

Cicerone is the official promotional partner for Collabra Music, a company which has developed an interactive platform for e-learning and music teaching. Collabra basically helps music instructors and students to get more out of their lessons with tools that reinforce the lesson, make sure students practice and track progress between the student and instructor. The provided tools allow to reinforce the lesson, capture progress and create accountability. – all in one system, all in one place.

Cicerone provides help and assistance for those who want to use Collabra for local teaching or to manage a small/medium number of students inside a defined territory. Cicerone also provides the full service for those who wants to manage a potentially high number of students, through Cicerone Music Academy, under which all the services are provided, like teacher and students accounts, payment procedures, editing and upload of the files, and assistance throughout.

BlackBaer Music International -Tutorials made easy and profitable

BlackBear Music International – Courses and Tutorials for piano, classical and acoustic guitar. Home recording and producing.

BlackBear Music International – ©Karin de Jong

This specific brand for amateurs and semi-professionals, called BlackBear Music International, provides tutorials for guitar and piano in different styles and techniques with reasonable pricing.

For beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Including all graphics help, tablatures, scores and every professional tool a viewer could need.


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