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Through the Collabra Music Platform – How to make online teaching easy

Cicerone is the official promotional partner for Collabra Music, a company which has developed music software and an interactive platform for music teaching. Collabra basically helps music instructors and students to get more out of their lessons with tools that reinforce the lesson and make sure students practice. The track progress between the student and instructor becomes very easy. The provided tools allow to reinforce the lesson, capture progress and create accountability. – all in one system, all in one place.

Collabra music method

Instructors record in-person lessons with the student(s) or create a pre-recorded series of instructional videos to share later. Students watch the lesson back from their phone or computer and then record themselves practising. Student practice minutes are automatically logged and reviewable by the instructor, providing a unique tool for accountability when needed.

Instructors and students exchange time-stamped comments on audio/video recordings of lessons and practices. This enables instructors to remotely review and correct student practice habits, as well as to stay connected during the week or when distance creates a barrier.



instant comments possible on the minute

– practical to see posture, embouchure etc

– good for pedagogic and observing classes

easier to get in new students, cause they can watch one of the lessons and see how a teacher teaches

– good tool to keep on track, if you can’t see your students every week

– students start to listen better

– recordings stay forever and don’t take place

– possibility to send out lessons to many people at the same time


– it motivates students, they notice how they get better!

good tool for parents, checking on their young kids what they need to do

– you can actually check how much a student is practising. Some teachers share the practise reports  in groups, it motivates students

– to save time and speed up (it’s a class where no time is wasted)

By using computers and mobile devices, instructors and students create, store, organize, and share audio/video content for lessons, practices, and assessments. It’s as easy as that!

The platform service is free for teachers and has a small monthly cost for the student.  Write to us for more information.

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