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Surprising, unknown or unexplored facts and stories about cello and cellists and the wide repertoire of this beautiful instrument.

Pablo Casals’ Cello played by Amit Peled

“A great piece of art” Peled serenades with Historic Instrument of Pablo Casals (video)

By Irma de Jong

How the musician and the Pablo Casals cello came together

At very young age, Amit fell in love with a girl that played the cello. He decided to impress her and started learning this instrument as well. His parents gave him a cassette tape of a famous cellist and with those beautiful sounds, he fell asleep every night, Continue reading Pablo Casals’ Cello played by Amit Peled

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“Amado Mio” romantic and dark side of love

Classic song “Amado Mio” arranged for piano and cello

By Irma de Jong

Fulvia Mancini developed the special idea of re-arranging this song by the Italian composer Beddini.  “Amado Mio” is a song from the classic 1946 film noir Gilda, written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts . The piece was lip- synched by Rita Hayworth and sung by Anita Kert Ellis. Grace Jones’s rendition of the song on her 1989 album Bulletproof Heart is the most well known. The idea of creating a bridge between classic and modern

Continue reading “Amado Mio” romantic and dark side of love

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