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The endless evolution of online music teaching – Online Sheet Music – E-learning Review

Site and Apps for interactive utilization of online sheet music – Pros & Cons is an online platform which provides music sheets in printed and electronic form, with great functions for the score to be played and watched on screen. We recently tested how it works and what could be the advantages that you can get from using it. In our test, we used a Windows PC and an iPad. Continue reading – Online Sheet Music – E-learning Review

Classical guitar recording – secrets from professionals

Classical guitar recording like a pro

To learn something it’s always very useful to see professionals at work.

We normally write about how to record your own music at home but consider that the most efficient methods are often brought from professional experience, and this is one of the cases.

Before going to the video, we want to mention some precious indications that come from

Continue reading Classical guitar recording – secrets from professionals

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MUSIC E-Learning evolution, latest techniques, and ultimate systems and methods

Under the very renown word “E-learning” we can find several millions of articles, videos, blogs, vlogs, and many more modalities through which people communicate their knowledge to others. And the same happens for music e-learning in particular.  It’s a very logical consequence of the native attitude that people have to share. Continue reading E-LEARNING EVOLUTION – ULTIMATE METHODS

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iClassical Academy – high level of music instruction

Online Master Classes at a high level by iClassical Academy.

An online music academy that is poised to make an impact in 2017!

By Kenny Sahr

iClassical academy offers dozens of master classes recorded by some of the world’s most eminent classical musicians using state-of-the-art technologies. By connecting HD master class recordings to a mobile responsive website leveraging the newest in messaging and content sharing, iClassical Academy is attracting students from all over the world. Continue reading iClassical Academy – high level of music instruction

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