Fiddler on a luxury ship – Lincoln Center Stage

Playing Chamber Music on the Holland America Line @Lincoln Center Stage

The musical adventure of Floor Braam on a cruise ship from Florida to Alaska

In spring 2016, violinist Floor Braam was scrolling through the MusicalChairs website when an interesting advertisement caught her eye: The Lincoln Center Stage, combined out of two leading companies, the Holland America Line and the Lincoln Center, brought together in an exclusive partnership, was looking for musicians. Continue reading Fiddler on a luxury ship – Lincoln Center Stage

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New crossroads on and beyond musical paths

Cutting edges of a music career

Malwina Sosnowski, a violinist from Basel, has been playing and performing since age five (1990), with no significant breaks or loose of focus in her music career ladder. At the end of 2016, though, and after many years of freelancing and organizing, competing, teaching, solo appearances and performances at Festivals, she strongly felt the urge to escape her commodities. Continue reading New crossroads on and beyond musical paths

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Home Recording Guitar

How to Home Record the Guitar – basic technique (Acoustic and Classical)

By Gianriccardo Pera

To record a guitar in your home can be definitely easy and bring you lots of satisfaction. It gives you the chance to show to your potential clients & colleagues the actual level of your work as a musician. Continue reading Home Recording Guitar

Successful Music Career? We listed 7 Skills you need to have!

What are the  7 Skills you need to have in order to build a Successful Music Career?

By Irma de Jong

Here we list the 7 main skills you need to possess in order to be successful in your music career, or better, in life! Most of these skills you will not have heard of while you were studying unless you have had the occasion to be inspired by your teacher. Ready to find out? Continue reading Successful Music Career? We listed 7 Skills you need to have!

Home Music Producing

Introduction to the world of Home Music Producing and Recording

By Gianriccardo Pera

Pro Audio recording with Tablets and Phones

Here we have an overall view about how to get introduced on what is possible to do for musicians who approach for the first time the world of recording. In this article and video from Epic Tutorials for Mobile Content Creators, you will get an overview of what you can do for pro audio recording. Continue reading Home Music Producing